Tree Removal

Tree Removal

Tree Removal can be a big, laborious job requiring some heavy lifting, big tools and a certain skill set to ensure safety of clients and their property. Tree Service Palm Beach Gardens has the know-how and the machinery to efficiently remove any tree from your property without worry. Either dangerous to you or your family, is in the way of a new project or not growing viably. We have you covered with expert Arborists and Tree Professionals. Every step of the way we will keep you informed and in control, while keeping Tree Removal costs low and affordable for the community.
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Dangerous/Fallen Trees

Unfortunately, some Trees do not grow viably or have died and create a dangerous mess. These Trees need to be assessed individually, making sure to do any Tree Trimming or Tree Removal promptly and safely at a low cost for our clients. If you have a tree that has fallen in a storm do not hesitate in contacting us, we are available 24-hours for emergencies involving fallen trees and debris. Helping you to move on with your day or night, Tree Service Palm Beach Gardens has expert knowledge on how to remove a dangerous or fallen tree without damage to your property.


Mulching is a top way of recycling. Cleaning up and getting rid of fallen trees, branches and vegetation can be tough work. We offer mulching at a reasonable price for our clients, with an option to also use the mulch for other projects. Fresh mulch on a garden bed is paramount and what better way to get use out of an old tree that was just in the way or posing a risk to your property or family. We strive ourselves on sustainability and out mulching program is one of the best and most affordable for any job big our small.
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Debris Hauling

Tree Removal is one thing but hauling and mulching the tree requires the right machinery and elbow grease. We have the capability and accredited team members to get the job done without fuss. Whether it be a small bunch of trees, one large tree or some vegetation, we have it covered. Brush and other vegetation can be often included in out Tree Removal packages, keeping our Tree Removal costs competitive for all our clients. We are happy to help with all Tree Removal debris hauling in your area today, with care so you can be confident with our reputable work.

Your Safety

The most important thing to us here at Tree Service Palm Beach Gardens is your safety, the safety of our employees and of course the safety of your property. Which means with each new case we tailor the plan because trees and vegetation often can be close to property and cause a lot of destruction. We must be careful and keep safety our top priority by using the correct tools for the job and accredited Tree Professionals and Arborists. Our Customer Service team is happy to talk with you today about any concerns with safety you may have concerning Tree Removal.
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Hear What Our Customers Say....

“When a tree fell, cutting off my driveway I was unable to get to work, I didn’t know what to do. After finding Tree Services Palm Beach Gardens I was able to quickly get them to come out and safely remove the tree. I was able to get out of my drive again without a worry.”
Tree Service
Patricia Wells
“Thank you, Tree Services Palm Beach Gardens, I had been struggling with removing Tree Stumps and clearing some brush from my front yard. I was so excited to find you. With your Land Clearing and Stump Removal help I’ve now got a safe and level front yard waiting for paving.”
Tree Service
John Patrick
“I couldn’t believe it when I saw how overgrown my parents' house had gotten. Now that everything has been trimmed, pruned and cleared away, they can enjoy their back yard again. Thank you, I would never have known where to start.”
Tree Service
Jenny Howard