Tree Cabling

Tree Cabling

Tree Cabling is usually adopted by an Arborist who wishes to save a tree after being damaged or if the tree is not growing viably. After a storm you may also come across a tree that has had it trunk split or branches that or broken but not quite fallen off. These things can all be fixed with tree cabling by an accredited Arborist or Professional team member from Tree Service Palm Beach Gardens. We are proud to promote sustainability within out community and will endeavor to always look at fixing a tree before removing it at our clients’ digression.
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Tree Staking

Tree Staking can be performed on a young sapling tree that has not established just yet. Allowing it to grow straight and have a healthy start at life. Once a sapling has established and is now stable, it may have grown crooked without tree staking and now requires tree cabling. Sometimes cabling is done as a preventative measure to allow a big branch that is growing in an unviable manner, to outlast a storm or heavy winds. Although sometimes trees cannot be stabilized and may split or lose its branches, requiring skilled team members to help repair the tree with tree cabling.

Damaged Trees

Split or Damaged Trees can invite pests and fungi to inhabit them. Allowing them to be taken over by disease and become more damaged over time. With out Tree Cabling, most trees after a storm would have to be removed. Which is unfortunate and not sustainable for our community. Cabling allows us to fix our damaged trees efficiently and responsibly so they can continue to flourish and not have to be removed, just because of an unfortunate turn of events. If you have a damaged tree, let us know and we can tailor a plan to suit you and your property.
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Here at Tree Service Palm Beach Gardens we strive ourselves on the sustainability and preservation of the natural vegetation in our community. We continue to make this our goal even in the tough situations. Allowing each client to decide what is best for them and their property. We take exceptional care in making sure each service is performed in a careful and skilled manner to ensure the safety of our clients, employees and the wider community. Never hesitate in asking us on how we are taking the steps to supply an exceptionally sustainable local tree service to you and Palm Beach Gardens.


Preservation of our natural and native vegetation is important for the future, and we are taking the necessary strides to being in front of the pack, when it comes to knowledge, the most modern tools and equipment and having all the options . Keeping our Arborists and Tree Professionals up to date with the latest information on preservation helps to stabilize our future. Without Tree Cabling we would be unable to save a tree from small damage that can be fixed. Causing more cost and more damage to remove sometimes preserving the tree and trying to heal it will be the best thing for it.
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Hear What Our Customers Say....

“When a tree fell, cutting off my driveway I was unable to get to work, I didn’t know what to do. After finding Tree Services Palm Beach Gardens I was able to quickly get them to come out and safely remove the tree. I was able to get out of my drive again without a worry.”
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Patricia Wells
“Thank you, Tree Services Palm Beach Gardens, I had been struggling with removing Tree Stumps and clearing some brush from my front yard. I was so excited to find you. With your Land Clearing and Stump Removal help I’ve now got a safe and level front yard waiting for paving.”
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John Patrick
“I couldn’t believe it when I saw how overgrown my parents' house had gotten. Now that everything has been trimmed, pruned and cleared away, they can enjoy their back yard again. Thank you, I would never have known where to start.”
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Jenny Howard