Stump Removal

Stump Removal

Stump Removal is a huge task that often seems straight forward but can quickly become a disaster. Whether you have had Tree Removal and would like Stump Removal included, have had an unsightly stump in the way for years or have nasty termites, we can help. Often you have a vision for your yard and there’s just that stump in the way. Whether it be for paving or just to tidy up the front yard, without the correct machinery and tools, it can be just too difficult. So here at Tree Service Palm Beach Gardens we ensure to have all the latest equipment and know-how to get the job done with confidence.


It is especially important to use the correct stump removal machinery and sometimes Stump Grinding is not right for the job. We pride ourselves on a reputation of using the best and safest possible options to remove stumps and other debris from your property. Keeping our stump removalist up to date with the most recent knowledge on safety and operation of the tools required for the job, you can be secure with the knowing that we strive to be the best. Without a working knowledge on stump removal it can be downright dangerous and messy. Keeping your property clean and tidy is our priority while keeping out rates competitive.
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Reasons for stump removal can be vast and expansive so we design each job differently with our clients to have the most personalized experience possible. With our local tree service we have the capabilities to assess and help with any stump removal, whether it be a small stump in the way of your next project, or a stump infested with creepy crawlies that may pose a risk to other infrastructure on your property. Here at Tree Service Palm Beach Gardens we have a reputation that strives to be the best at Stump Removal with no job being too big or too small.


Termites and other creepy crawlies can be gross and extremely dangerous to your family and property. Often called a silent killer, termites can infest your house quickly without a trace. Ravishing internal structure and causing irreparable damage. Termites can also destroy trees and other vegetation causing it to be dangerous and pose a risk in the event of a storm or heavy wind. Some Trees look fine but inside they are destroyed by these pests. Often noticing the stump first and getting it removed can avoid all future Termite infestation on your property ensure the safety and longevity of your property and vegetation.
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Root System

Unseen root systems can get into our piping and water, destroying infrastructure causing blockages and unwanted smells. Sometimes even effecting the inside of your home. Rotting stumps can also attract unwanted pests. Including Termites, one of the most destructing insects towards wooden buildings. Including your home. Not using the correct Stump Removal technique can cause the root system to still be under the ground. Sometimes it is not a drama to leave the root system behind. But if your stump was infested with termites it is best to have the stump removed properly with the proper machinery in the correct manner.

Hear What Our Customers Say....

“When a tree fell, cutting off my driveway I was unable to get to work, I didn’t know what to do. After finding Tree Services Palm Beach Gardens I was able to quickly get them to come out and safely remove the tree. I was able to get out of my drive again without a worry.”
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Patricia Wells
“Thank you, Tree Services Palm Beach Gardens, I had been struggling with removing Tree Stumps and clearing some brush from my front yard. I was so excited to find you. With your Land Clearing and Stump Removal help I’ve now got a safe and level front yard waiting for paving.”
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John Patrick
“I couldn’t believe it when I saw how overgrown my parents' house had gotten. Now that everything has been trimmed, pruned and cleared away, they can enjoy their back yard again. Thank you, I would never have known where to start.”
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Jenny Howard