Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding

You may not think Stump Grinding is particularly important, but it can be one of the most messy and difficult jobs without the current know-how or modern tools. Often our clients need land clearing of a new property and often there is a lot of unnoticed stumps. That will make building or paving, a disaster. Stump Grinding can be a more efficient way of stump removal although it can leave the root system behind. Leaving a stump can cause the stump to rot, attracting unwanted pests and creepy crawlies which can cause issues down the line for your property.


We are excited to do stump grinding as it allows us to create some healthy mulch. As Stump Grinding is not really recommended for use on infested or rotting stumps. All our Mulch is some of the finest. Allowing you recycle most of what we clear from your land onto your gardens and new trees. Making Tree Service Palm Beach Gardens a viable and sustainable option for all your local tree services because our vegetation is important to us. We also offer mulch for sale at a competitive price for all our clients planning that next big project on their property.
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Stump Grinding machines can come in all sizes and we are happy to be able to supply most sizes for your benefit. With all the latest tools and equipment Tree Service Palm Beach Gardens is skilled and confident we can get the job done, no matter the size or scale of the job. Often when not using a stump grinder it creates a big hole in the ground to ensure we have removed the roots system, when stump grinding we can fill that hole with the mulch and hope that the remaining root system, if there is any, will just rot under ground unable to attract too many pests.


Not only can stumps be an eyesore and a tripping hazard, stumps can quickly rot and decay causing them to crumble and attract pests of all sorts. Without any sort of treatment some stumps can take up to 10 years to properly decay. If, of course, it is infested with termites it will be much faster. Although they will quickly move on to the closest stump, wooden structure or even your home. Letting a stump decay is not sustainable to our buildings and our homes, sometimes it is better to remove a rotting stump and replace it with a new tree once the area has been cleared.
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Educating ourselves and our clients on the latest and greatest technology in vegetation and Stump Removal is so exciting. We pride ourselves on having the know-how to make it easier to have a sustainable future for our vegetation here in Palm Beach Gardens. By keep everything tidy and allowing out clients to reach their vision with their front yard. Often, we want to work on our properties but lack the proper tools and knowledge to get it done safely. Which is why we dedicate ourselves to help you reach your goals with advice and hard work at a competitive price.

Hear What Our Customers Say....

“When a tree fell, cutting off my driveway I was unable to get to work, I didn’t know what to do. After finding Tree Services Palm Beach Gardens I was able to quickly get them to come out and safely remove the tree. I was able to get out of my drive again without a worry.”
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Patricia Wells
“Thank you, Tree Services Palm Beach Gardens, I had been struggling with removing Tree Stumps and clearing some brush from my front yard. I was so excited to find you. With your Land Clearing and Stump Removal help I’ve now got a safe and level front yard waiting for paving.”
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John Patrick
“I couldn’t believe it when I saw how overgrown my parents' house had gotten. Now that everything has been trimmed, pruned and cleared away, they can enjoy their back yard again. Thank you, I would never have known where to start.”
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