Land Clearing

Land Clearing

Land Clearing is one of our specialties here at Tree Service Palm Beach Gardens. It can be a massive job that basically involves all our services at once, which is why we have our top team working on it. From Tree Removal, Stump Removal to Brush Clearing and Tree Trimming, we do it all. With out skilled Arborists and Tree Professionals we ensure to implement the safest plan to clear your land today and leave it ready for what you have in store. Assessing your situation personally can really make the difference by having everything the way you want it safely and in a timely manner.
Land Clearing Palm Beach Gardens

Brush Clearing

Brush Clearing can be necessary leading up to a storm or just when you want to tidy up the place. Having a mess after a storm can be the worst and by managing your land with a reputable company like ours you can have the confidence that you are receiving the best advice and modern technology for the job. Keeping your land clean of unruly brush will keep your property safe without loose debris becoming a danger during storm season and also in case of fire. Keeping Brush and Vegetation tidy and clear helps the sustainability of our perfect gardens.

Debris Hauling

Including Debris Hauling in our Land Clearing packages helps to keep our prices low and competitive for our clients. Our skilled team can clear almost any size land and almost all waste can be recycled with either mulching or grinding, leaving the property clean and ready for all your plans. Vegetation often amounts to a lot of debris; it can be hard to transport and get rid of. Using the right machinery for the job, we can effectively clear you land for you without a fuss. We have a reputation of demonstrated safety practices to continue to keep out clients and employees safe during all work activities on your site.
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Tree Service Palm Beach Gardens


We strive to help with a sustainable and beautiful future for our vegetation, everything we clear or remove goes through a stringent recycling process. Making sure to mulch and grind everything we can with the option for you to use it on your gardens as well. Keeping everything in house allows us to build a relationship with a client and offer amazing prices. While always being on top of the latest recycling methods we try to be ahead of the curve so you can be confident knowing we care. Allowing you to reach your goals with out worrying about the impact.

Vegetation Care

During all our Land Clearing operations we adopt a sustainable approach to help you make the best decision for your property and the future of our vegetation. Keeping all employees up to date with the latest, modern equipment we can remove brush, stumps and trees without affecting surrounding vegetation. Allowing you to be confident that your property is kept up to your standards and can continue to flourish in the future. Land Clearing can be used for many great things and when done with care and the right tools it can be done in a manner that is not dangerous to vegetation and wildlife.
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Hear What Our Customers Say....

“When a tree fell, cutting off my driveway I was unable to get to work, I didn’t know what to do. After finding Tree Services Palm Beach Gardens I was able to quickly get them to come out and safely remove the tree. I was able to get out of my drive again without a worry.”
Tree Service
Patricia Wells
“Thank you, Tree Services Palm Beach Gardens, I had been struggling with removing Tree Stumps and clearing some brush from my front yard. I was so excited to find you. With your Land Clearing and Stump Removal help I’ve now got a safe and level front yard waiting for paving.”
Tree Service
John Patrick
“I couldn’t believe it when I saw how overgrown my parents' house had gotten. Now that everything has been trimmed, pruned and cleared away, they can enjoy their back yard again. Thank you, I would never have known where to start.”
Tree Service
Jenny Howard